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Zambia Ambassador Visit Changsha Medical University

Zambia Ambassador Winnie N.Chibesakunda Visit Changsha Medical University

    The afternoon of March 25th, the president Shen Jiyun met Zambia ambassador Winnie N.Chibesakunda in the warm. The two sides made a further discussion to strengthen the exchange of Zambia international students. Accompanied by the staff to participate in the meeting are: vice president Lu Jiexiang, commission for Discipline Inspection Zou Chunhua, director of the Department of  International Exchange Tang Degen , vice director of the Department of  International Exchange Zeng Ruiming and Wang Liyang, vice Minister of the United Front Work Department propaganda Jiongyu, deputy Director of the Office Deng Yumei .
    President Shen Jiyun made a brief introduction on the history and development of our university, especially point out the current situation of foreign students education and hope Winnie N. Chibesakunda Ambassador pay more attention and publicity of Changsha Medical University, also welcome more outstanding students from Zambia to study in our university.
    The vice director of the Department of  International Exchange Zeng Ruiming and Wang Liyang respectively introduced Zambia students’ living and studying situation in our university  to the ambassador . Zambia students obey the rules of the school, actively cooperate with the teachers in the classroom teaching. At the same time, they respect culture of China and show a great interest on traditional festivals. They also actively?participate in social activities, in 2015 International Marathon also appeared in Zambia volunteers, won the praise of the organizing committee,
    Winnie N. Chibesakunda Ambassador expressed appreciation for our campus environment, teaching and living facilities and thanks to our  school  providing high quality education and services to Zambia students. She described the general situation of Zambia education and hope make  further  cooperation  in the field of educational exchanges between the China and Zambia and promote more Zambia students come to the Changsha Medical University for learning.

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